Your ‘alignments must match your ‘assignments’

All of us must have the right relationships in place to guarantee our success in any dream or vision: any undertaking, ministry, business, and relationships!Alignment

Your alignments must match your assignments!

The people who you connect to, or are connected with now, have or will have a profound effect on what you achieve in your life!

If you are around people who are negative and speak distrust, skepticism and reservation on your will never achieve your vision!

Do not be unequally aligned with non-believers, do not go into business partnership with non-believers, marry folks that do not believe in the power of the union, and definitely do not be linked to ‘Christians’ who are not on the same level as you! Neither be attached to people who once believed but are now not in alignment, and are as albatross around your neck! They will be unable to strengthen  your vision!

There is a power pf agreement with the right people! There is a unity in the spirit with the right people! Remember…bad company corrupts good morals!

“Be not be unequally yoke together with unbelievers”… Don’t be encumbered with people who are not in agreement with your dream!!!

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