Wisdom Tip: symptoms & suggestions

Satan uses symptoms and suggestions to take you down, to get you to back off possessing your “promise land.” He wants to get you off truth…and into doubt, in order to get you off your faithsymptoms!

Faith (towards and in God), will always bring you into triumph and victory…any area!

Quick definition – a symptom is simply a sign or suggestion that something’s wrong; It’s an effect. Many symptoms would suggest that perhaps things aren’t right with you and that the promises of God are not yes and amen; but rather suggests that God’s promises are rather No and No way! Satan is a liar! There is nothing wrong with you…hang tough!

Remember, we walk by faith and not by sight, feelings, symptoms or suggestions! Have the faith “of” God and faith “in” the ability of His word to get us where we desire to be!
Gods word is true! It is Infallible, (it is incapable of making mistakes or even being wrong!) Ohh… if we would only press in to know Him more!! His word is immutable (unchanging over time or unable to be changed) and His word/promises will never fail you! If He said it, and if He promised it in the first place, He certainly can “do it!” suggestions
“Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense (compensation) of reward, for you have need of patience that after you have done the will (stand in faith believing) of God…you will inherit the promise!” (of life, health, prosperity and abundance and victory!) 

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