“what’s your reality?!

WorkInProgressMany believers have a reality that is not rooted in God. They are fearful of moving out of where they are in life because of so many anxieties, perceptions and appetites, and thus…their own perceptions have created their own realities! Real as well as false!!

In over 35 years as an ordained counselor; as well as professionally as a life, relationship, business and career coach, I have found that people are where they are because of ‘their own selves’, not anyone else!


A Believer must accept the parameters that God has set for us and live therein…hence: “I am a believer!

We all have been given gifts, talents and “the same measure’ of faith! we have to work, work, work, work work…this faith by having corresponding actions of what we say we believe, not just ‘talking’ about believing, or by measuring ourselves according to someone else’s purpose!

We all must learn to value God’s vision and His perception of what truly is real! After all believer, He is the real deal, right?!…and in order to activate your purpose, God has to be your only source, not just one of your choices! If He is not…then your struggle will continue!

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