What matters most…

“Until you are driven by ‘what matters most’ in life, you  will never find your destiny! Instead, you will always be trying to prove your views to others; and when your view becomes more important than your destiny, you will compromise your future…just to show people around you that you are just as good as they are.” (TDJakes)

We must celebrate and be happy for the people who matters most in our lives! Don’t get so stand-offish with them, because by the time you become wise enough to recognize the people who you should have celebrated…they will all be gone! 

When people get so used to individuals, until they refuse to appreciate them and continue to celebrate someone else who has done so much less for them…that’s when they become…what is known as….”haters! ”

There will be so much noise inside them that they will not be sensitive enough to recognize the real people who they should be celebrating!  

Eventually, they will compromise how far they, themselves could have gone in their own life because of that same “noise” in their spirit…which will also stop them from hearing from their instinct, as to what they should be doing and who it is that matters most their  life!

Noise screams. Instincts whispers! 

Instinct is that small voice that points one to their next move. In order to figure out what matters most in this life…then you will have to find your instinct!

So, if you ever find yourself sitting in a room, or in a rocking chair on the porch, asking yourself whatever happen to your “neat little “designed” life? Or what happened to your happiness? Or why you are living in a hog pen?! …Remember, there will be no true happiness, until you figure out what matters most in this life!

You can always make a change…when you know, “what matters…most!” 

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