A value add, can increase the knowledge you need to succeed, give meaning to your life, which gives you a sense of significance; and will refine your preferences concerning appropriate courses of action and outcomes.

entering my due season Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap, (harvest) if we do not lose heart. (lose motivation and become despondent)

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all… especially unto them who are of the Household of Faith!

Gal 6:9-10

Mature, perfected love will cast out all fear of getting close to people again! So cast down that fear and allow yourself to love… and be loved…again! Bitterness is outdated! Unforgiveness is just plain childish and deadly! It’s a new day…begin to love again. For, to love is to forgive!

Psalm 91:16 says…”with long life (long-g-g, satisfied life) will I (the Lord) satisfy (fulfill and please) you, and show you my salvation!”  When is there ever a time to not walk the love walk, and to not receive this promise?

‘Faith of God’ converts the ‘Word faith in Godof God’ into Power!

There is absolutely no sense in saying you have faith but no Power! For a tree is known by the ‘fruit’ it bears!!

Don’t you need the fruit of God’s Power in that situation you’re facing?

Slowly, steadily, surely…..the time approaches when your vision will be fulfilled ! The delay of your hope is so God can work something in you…so He can bless through you!

You can’t have the ‘faith of God‘ without having the ‘life of God‘ working on the inside of you…and the ‘faith of God‘ working with you! You must be ‘born-again (born from above) by the spirit of God….the new birth…John 3:3 With this new birth you have all the privileges and benefits! You don’t have to wait for payday!








We are the planting of the Lord. He planted us, as a seed, inside a dirt (human) body. If one takes a seedling out of its dirt, it will lose life. A plant that does not want soil will be detached from its life-source and will die! God’s desire is to re-attach us and save us from a ‘bad‘ eternity.

Most organizations are saturated in politics…and politics is usually considered not a good thing! You are on that game board and either playing inadequately or playing very well…but you are playing! It is, however, possible to play the game effectively..and with integrity!