Two things God choose to bless

There are certain things God chooses to bless. Obedience, for example; and there are things he refuses to bless.

 Disobedience, for one. As a visionary, it is imperative that you adhere to, and lead your team to adhere to, a set of beliefs and behaviors that reflect the tenets of Scripture. 

Your business or ministry may want to develop specific applications of these tenets that set you apart from competitors or similar organizations, but at a bare minimum, you must embrace the standards set forth in the Scripture.

The Lord strongly supports those whose hearts are completely his. If the Lords support is truly what you desire and of utmost importance, then your heart must be completely His. 

When you embrace what is important to him, you bring your heart into alignment with his. When your heart is completely his, you will be blessed…completely!

Your core beliefs and behaviors can be divided into two categories: general and specific.

General beliefs and behaviors are those every believer should adhere to. Things like honesty, purity, and integrity should be embraced regardless of the nature of our vision.
Failure to adhere to general standards of honesty and purity have caused countless visions to come apart at the seams. 

We have all seen visions damaged by mishandled finances and unresolved relational conflicts. These two things, along with moral failure, account for just about every failed vision I know of.

Specific beliefs and behaviors are specific to your particular vision. I can’t tell you what these would be for you. You’ll need to figure them out on your own, with God’s help.

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