The Value of Life!

Sometimes in life, people see your “being blessed,” as a problem, and they will try to knock you out of your position! They have a problem with your coat of many colors! They will throw you into a pit because they see you as a problem. Yet, while some might see you as a problem, as in the case of Joseph, yet others, (as in the case of the Midianites), will see you as their answer! The brothers saw Joseph, their brother, as their problem. The Midianites came along and saw Joseph as their answer and proceeded to sell him for some money. This was their answer! They needed money! So they pulled him out because they saw him as them being able to get money for him. King Potifer, then paid money for him because he saw Joseph as his answer! To run his household! Get ready because you are someone’s answer!!


“Just because someone sees you as a problem…doesn’t mean you can’t be somebody else’s answer!

You cannot let how other people see you, determine your value!”


Somebody’s PROBLEM…is Someone else’s ANSWER!!

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