The Ultimate Power

Let every soul be subject unto the “higher powers.” (that means that there are spiritual God-beings, that have great power, strength, knowledge, and can affect the nature and the lives of people!)

Every soul must be subject to those powers, which have a superior or higher rank, in the true arena of the universe! Contrary to what most believe, my feeling is that these “higher powers” are not the world’s rulers, but is referring to those entrusted with the oversight of this world; those that Jesus refers to as, the salt of the earth!

Instead of urging people to not only be subject to the governments of man, I believe this verse is exhorting us all, to be subject, especially to those who are entrusted with the greater oversight over this world and its government!

There is no power that exists anywhere, except God has established it! Whoever, therefore resisteth the established higher power, resisteth the legislation enacted by God: and will receive to themselves a “day of reckoning!” 

For the established rulers, should not make you panic if your works are good, but you ought to panic if your works are evil!

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