I. NDM INC-Parent Company

NDM Ministries Inc,
 is a nonprofit, mission-based, community organization. Licensed in 2005, listed with the North Carolina secretary of the state corporation’s office, as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Formed independently in Raleigh, NC- wanting to establish an intense training ground for community change. The goal is to bridge the faith and work divide, and to benefit people in society who want to become productive citizens, leaders in the home, in the community, and in the workplace.

Our emphasis is to assist people in experiencing a more suitable and sustainable quality of life, enrichment, and experience. We tackle questions of vocation, calling, meaning, and purpose, and help individuals explore both the natural and extrinsic value of work.

► Non-Profit Mission

To assist individuals in finding purpose and meaning for their life, assistance in creating a life plan, motivation to live on purpose, by design, without regret.

► Coach/Mentoring
We desire to mentor individuals with the availability of professional counselors and life coaches who are equipped to empower individuals to be fruitful in their life, pursuits and relationships.

► Organizational Development

Structured to offer individuals and startup enterprises, the tools for a strong foundation, and administrative concept design consultation.

II. Core Brands and Services

A. Women’s Enrichment Centre

Generating opportunities and strategic action plans, to help women succeed in life, in pursuit of life, career, relationship, employment, entrepreneurial goals.

► Abuse Support
► Coaching
► Mentorship

B. Management Consultants

Striving to improve life, work, and relationships through original, effective programs that inspire and expand opportunities.

Empowering individuals with the focus, insight and accountability needed to achieve consistent results, in their most important areas of life.

For small businesses startups-assistance in discovering priorities, change-management and guidance.

C. Informative Blogs

► Weekly blog on issues surrounding, workplace, career, life and faith-based perspectives and trends.

D. Community Partnership

Partnership with organizations that will develop community initiatives designed to value, respect and contribute in the community.


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