The Healing Rain Project

A global movement of individuals turning self-doubt into empowerment through leadership, education and training.


Sponsored by N D Management Consulting-a small business management group that increases the effectiveness of new startup business ventures through planning, training, and coaching.

Part of their corporate social responsibility include affecting those individuals, as well as society at large, who are experiencing life transitions, family or work crisis’ and/or lack of direction.
Through The Healing Rain Project, their desire is to encourage and prepare individuals, to become economically independent and to pay it forward their community; providing each, with tools and strategies that will lead to an overcoming lifestyle…while focusing and maintaining a level of structure in other life pursuits.
They can help with:
1. Entrepreneur Startup
2. Small Business Management
3. Coaching
4. Visioneering
Individuals in transition sometimes face unique job-related challenges, because of:
  •  divorce or death of a partner
  •  gaps in employment history
  •  age-related discrimination
  •  lack of confidence in negotiating pay and benefits
  •  lower pay
  •  losing a job because of stalking or other intimate partner violence


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