The Forgotten Dreams

Trying to remember a dream can be as frustrating as snatching fog!

At first the details seem to drift on one’s edge of awareness, and’s gone! Remembering our own dreams after they drift away is hard enough, but telling another person about his own dream is right next to impossible!

Daniel, like other heroes of our faith, knew that God is the God of the impossible! He knows our dreams, even long after they are gone!

All too often, we give up on our dreams, when we are forced to deal with reality!

God has not forgotten your dreams. You can trust Him to do the impossible and make your dreams come true!

Don’t  give up on your dreams…put them in God’s capable, loving hands! (Dan. 2)


“Blessed be the name of the Lord forever, and ever;

for wisdom and might are His…

He changes the times and the seasons…

He removes Kings…and He raises up Kings;

He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding…

He reveals deep and secret things; 

He knows what is in the darkness…

and Light dwells with Him.

I thank you and praise You, God…

You have given me wisdom and might…and have made known to me, that which I asked of you!!”

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