Survival…is not enough!

get up!Sometimes people can develop an addiction to their pain, troubles and woes! They love being in survival mode! As ministry professionals, we sometimes have to determine if they really want change or do they just want to sit on the porch and be made comfortable in their affliction?

Jesus did not die on the cross just so people can just survive, but, so that we all can succeed and accomplish Gods purpose in us, while on this earth! Survival is just not enough!

Why be content in survival mode? We have to ask the relevant question: do you really want to be whole?

It just seems sometimes with people, nothing in their actions lets you or the God you represent, know that they want to get up, and be whole!

The man at the pool of Bethesda had been there “38 years” and was still carrying his affliction! You would think that every year, for the past 38 years, the man would be ready to fall over in the water as the angel troubled it…but instead, the lame man just started moaning and complaining, about other people’s obligation to help him get well, instead of getting his own plan of being first to get in the water! He certainly had enough years to plan it! The account goes on to say that as the angel came down annually, and troubled the water, that whoever got in first would be completely made whole! This man certainly had gotten comfortable in his survival mode and was content to just make a little effort, or rely on others!

Oftentimes, I ask those to whom seek my counsel, this question: What’s wrong with your sight… that being completely whole, is not an option in your life? It’s as if asking the question-“Do you want to be whole”, is seen as being “rude”! Well, If you want to be made whole, then stop justifying the condition! To do so is to give it license to stay with you!

In counseling sessions, I hear all kinds of reasons and stories of why people think they are in their particular condition!!  However, If you like where you are, then no one wants to disturb your position, (no judgement), just stay where you are. But if you want to be made whole (not just getting better)…then Jesus is your answer. He will not make you whole against your will. You will have to be in agreement with Him. You must step around everybody in your circle that do not want any victory! Don’t let people block you! If they do not want their life to be whole, then you must command them to get out of your way!

Remember…Jesus said that His realm of wholeness, victory or success, will suffer violence against it…to try to get you to settle for less than wholeness, but the violent (those who are in Him and are fully confident that health, life, success…is the will of God), …take it by coming against every lie and half-truth!

What’s your affliction? Health deteriorated, lost home? Lost Job? Lost love ones? Too many failures? Not enough money? None of these make any difference. You have a command from God…a challenge…get up and…walk! Jesus commanded (oftentimes, commands appear rude to the natural mind) that the lame man get up! He didn’t feel sorry for him, or sympathize with his condition, Jesus simply said…get up!

Miracles will not happen just because you want sympathy. You need a challenge that is so rude in your natural mind, that it makes absolutely no sense! When you get challenged right…and you respond obediently, you will be delivered, and the thing that use to carry you, you now carry it and you move forward and deliver others.

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