nardrav: the warrior!!

Sorrow Produces Great Strength!
If you ever see someone who is really strong, I guarantee you…they’ve been through a lot of situations: a lot of pain, sorrow, and a lot of sadness! Regardless  Of what they do, what their profession is, how easy they make it look, how seamless they’ve treated their transitions….if you EVER see someone with great strength…you can bet on it! Somewhere, somehow, from somebody, has caused them great sorrow!!

Respect the strength they carry, it only came from “great” sorrow and pain…and from Jesus, (His strength was made strong in their weakness); and pray that you are not the one to whom the enemy used to inflict the pain!! For out of the sorrow they will rise…with great strength and POWER!! They do not carry the sword in vain! They are authorized to use it: against anything and everything that rises against the Kingdom! They will throw it down!!

“Consider Jesus-a man of sorrows acquainted with grief! Nobody is stronger than Jesus! The sorrow of His crucifixion produced His greatest strength!!”



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