Power Move!

Self-control is a power move!

Self-control is one of the character traits (“fruit”) of the spirit of God. It means that you aren’t so carried away by negative emotions and what is going on in the moment, that you can’t deal with the situation intelligently.

Sometimes, we are in such a state of warfare, that we must constantly shut out all potential enemies. Temptations are everywhere; our haters surround us like bees; evils of many sorts seduce us to retaliate!

In us all, there are passions, desires, affections, all of which may either lead to misconduct, or to integrity. Then there are those peculiarities of individual character in each of us, that need constant re-enforcing, lest these peculiarities become excessive and sinful.

Let us all remember that we must thus submit to Christ, and then be able to truly say, ‘I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me.”

The strife will not necessarily cease immediately; the haters will probably still swarm; but He will ‘keep our heads in the day of battle’; and though often we may be driven from our stance on the wall, and perhaps some of our outposts may be lost, and there may remain gaping violations and infractions, yet we will inevitably, be safe. He will watch over us and dwell in us, and we shall be as ‘a city set on a hill,’ which cannot be hidden.

He who has no self-control, is like a city that is left defenseless, exposed to the assault of every temptation. Prov. 25:28


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