Salt is one of the most important minerals for our body functioning, but it is worthless if it loses its saltiness; (an essential attribute of tastefulness as well as usefulness). It can’t season anything! It’s just flat and bland! 

Salt helps most enzyme functions. It maintains muscle tone and strength and prevents cramps. It increases conductivity in nerve cells. It helps to absorb nutrients from the intestinal tract. It clears up sinus congestion and eliminates persistent coughs. 

The presence of it, along with water regulates all body functions and the absence of it can lead to serious body functions and impairment. 

If deficient…it can cause weakness, confusion and improper digestion. If excessive…it can cause elevated pressure in the blood and swelling of tissues. Salt is something one cannot do without!

So don’t lose your flavor!  Sprinkle yourselves on the lives that you touch! 

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