Praise will always bring success!!

 Praise will “always” bring success
Praising God, that is…

Whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him who orders his conversation right, will I show My salvation.”
Psalms 50:23

In any endeavor, any undertaking, we must go to God (Jesus) and do what He directs and how He says to do it!
We, meaning those that are calling ourselves… believers, saints, Kingdom people, born-again believers!

Remember: to trust in, and to hook-up with, the “world”, to be involved in their formats and ideas… is to “not” put our trust in the Lord! In fact, we would be preferring something/someone other than Him/His way/His wisdom, especially when we go whole-hog with the world’s defining of our success!

This week, as we follow Him, His directions on the instructional package (His Word)… and as we “believe the sent one’s, we will prosper in whatever we are attempting! For he sends His word to
heal us and deliver us from all our fears! He will help us, just trust Him from the heart and do what He says.

Whichever way we decide… and we will choose… the methods of His Word or the system of the World; and we will eat the fruit of our choices!

But GOD… His mercy and grace will still be poured over us… for a season! I really don’t even know why He would help us like He does. It certainly isn’t anything or any commitment that we have done. We generally do such shameful things… the majority of the time! But His nature: He is faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness.

Many times, the reason we back up off of God’s direction and wisdom…ultimately, is because we are AFRAID (fear). Fear has torment!

We oftentimes feel helpless and powerless and are afraid that God will not ‘do it.’ But remember, the Kingdom that you have been invited to enjoy… “ain’t in a feeling”, but in having total confidence in His ability. Not in what our perceptions about ourselves and His responses will be.

Remember, your perception’s creates your own reality, not the reality guaranteed by our father God! We can’t do anything that will stop God/Jesus from restoring and or delivering us. His word to us will always be… “go and sin (miss the mark) more“… even if we sin the same way… 70 x 70, for the same thing… in the same day!!

He has made all the provisions for us to succeed and to remain victorious! He is our way-maker, our way out, our peace, our victory… and has already given us…the Kingdom! We must however, access it from the inside out… and not from the outside in! He already has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus and material blessing, because of our being the seed of Abraham and in covenant with Him! We are heirs to “life…liberty…and the pursuit of what makes us happy! God is Love, God is Life, God is Word…from the “Beginning!”Expert Author Nardra V. Daniels

NARDRA V. DANIELS, is founder and principal of Nardra Daniels Ministries, Inc., (NDM) and Managing Partner of RHEMA Management Consulting

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