Power Under Authority

“Some people desire power without being under authority.” Pastor Bill Winston

To those naming the name of Christ...”there will be “no”power, no authority…to those who refuse to submit to God’s infallible (never fails) and immutable (never changes) Word!   IT  IS  WHAT  IT  IS !!
It is His Truth, His Word…and not your thoughts, nor the thoughts of your group, that will catapult you into the place of His Authority! Whether in your family, in your career, in your business, or in your church! The power of the Word exceeds and outdoes anything in any area and in every dimension!
Submitting to God/His Word and/or His set, called out ones: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, who are submitted…(remember His choice…not yours), will set you in the place where you use the authority to receive from him, to love and forgive as he does, as well as prosper and be in good health! You will also lay hands (a formal method of invoking presence of the Lord to come) and…heal the sick and they will recover! Have you healed anyone lately? Are ‘you’ even healed? Are you following the doctors report as your final conclusion and using God’s Truth as a second opinion? It’s your choice…no judgement here! You will receive from whom you believe!
By the very nature of our contract and association of faith in the living God…God should be your first and final conclusion to the matter! He has special knowledge of you that others don’t, and He is the ultimate expert!
In your contractual agreement with Him, the authority and other preferential benefits have already been given to us…that’s how much He honors our agreement with Him. When men gives you their “word”, we almost immediately believe them…and without waiting or thinking, begin to posture our life to what was promised! How much more…God?!
Another act of believing in the God of the Bible and receiving His authority to change things, is that believers are given the authority to cast out demons…and “every” one of their manifestations! Haven’t you heard…God said there are these demonic spirits that influence and affect people and families! We are told to cast them out not play or become intrigued with them! In your agreement, you have agreed to believe without faltering, or looking at Him sideways or mocking “His” Truth!
Under contract, we receive the benefits of His contract..when we do our own contractual obligations! Now I know everyone understands, what a contract is! This entire nation thrives on contractual agreements!
A major reasons many are not receiving the benefits of this new and better contract of life, health, happiness, freedom, success and prosperity is because they are not really “fully persuaded” that God will actually deliver the dictates of the contract! If not..then why enter into a contract at all! Remember the agreement…it is a fiduciary one! Are you doing your part?

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