Possesing your sphere of influence

One seed will convert  and influence a whole garden.convert garden

Guess what? You are that seed…impregnated by God and planted in this earth in a particular sphere to which you are to influence!

When God calls you, you are to cultivate His kingdom and not yours! When He gives you His faith, you are to go into your sphere and get predictable results with everything you do. He plans for you to win in every arena! He will “always” and in every situation…causes you to triumph! That includes insisting that you not do things or conduct business the way those who do not know Him personally and intimately does! Some of the success principles He allows and others He tells us to seek a more kingdom mind in doing them.

On the other hand, when God tells you not to do something or stop doing it in a particular way, it’s not to stop you from being successful or from excelling or having fun with it…but it’s to keep you out of the ditch and to keep personal failures to a bare minimum! Operating in Gods principles will get you God’s results: success in life, health and business!

Our natural proclivity as human and distinguishing characteristics—ways of thinking, feeling and acting—tends to get us to act independently of the influence of God’s culture. No one needs to coerce much for us to go that route, for this is our natural human-nature, and not the God-nature!

Coincidentally, you need a new experience that will bring you back in line with God’s nature, purpose and culture! This new experience, called His wisdom, will convert your life, businesses and even your whole nature; and ultimately society’s culture. God’s principles are so designed that you ‘might’ (given the effort)…have and experience life at a higher, more successful level!

For instance, the natural law of gravity says….if one jumps off a building and they will hit the grou-und!

So it is with Gods principles….action produces consequences-good or bad! Do them and experience success!

Remember…You and I are dispatched here to produce another culture: The Kingdom!

Life is more like a box of jalapenos than a box of chocolates! If you don’t apply wisdom, what you do today may burn your tomorrows.

Life truly is about gaining wisdom so that you can learn to handle any situation with peace and grace. Since everyone experiences the ups and downs in life, wisdom is the key delineator between successfully navigating the storms of life or being added to the growing list of shipwrecked lives.”

Wisdom is the summit…seek His wisdom, for those who earnestly seek heavenly wisdom, will never complain that they have lost their labor.

There is a way that seems right but the end of those ways are the ways to the cessation of all vital functions: vision, purpose and productivity!

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