Point forward ambassadors

point forward playersA point forward player, is sometimes used in a basketball reference as running ‘offense’ through a player who is responsible for being the primary facilitator and for bringing the ball up the court. Sometimes coaches used them to compensate for weaknesses on his team.

Utilizing a point forward hope to give the offense team, an edge. This formula is indeed, a strategic decision, using players who are interchangeable and can play multiple positions. because everyone is looking for more skilled leaders, whether on the field, in the corporate arena and in communities.

Now on to my point! God also utilizes point forwards, who can move powerfully and offensively in this world, rather than utilizing players who always move defensively! I now know, that I am hand-picked to be one of God’s point forwards! I am so different now, than what I used to be!

Why? Because I have been hand-picked by God! I have the mental flexibility and the intellectual dexterity to communicate on any level, in order to influence people! I am a person of conviction, and disciplined about what I believe!

My talk, my behavior, my life, as well as the people I use to surround myself with…have all changed! I have been changed: from immature to maturity; from fear to faith, from timidity to boldness; from being a follower, to becoming an inspired leader!

Now my world, my words, my behaviors, are more focused, I speak without malice, I will confront “any” issue that attempts to sway me off the course designed for me by my ‘designer’! I have made many adjustments and now there is evidence of my success as I walk with my God…my designer, both privately and professionally!

“It is not enough for us to just ‘look’ a part; or to have an appearance or style of dress appropriate to the situation, yet have no substance or corresponding action!” That’s called being an actor! We must “be” the part we have been designed to be: fearless, appropriate and full of wisdom, full of faith, full of the God-kind of love! Not without fault, without mistakes or perfect, but we must be the original design of who we were designed to be.scottie pippins

I myself, am in no way close to what I used to be! I have matured, and no one can take away what God has done in my life.  Before my change, I hated discipline, chose to remain immature and carnal, living in self-pity and lived a victim-minded life! Now, I literally became what I used to hate: disciplined, mature, accountable and whole!

I am full of faith, full of this enormous spiritual force called God, and my steps and my purpose, are defined far beyond an existence of just going to and from a church building! I have been changed!

Sometimes,we as God’s handpicked, point forward ambassadors, are seen as being sorrowful, yet we really are always rejoicing; we are seen as poor, yet we make many rich; as having nothing, and yet we possess all things”. We are the point forward players that…as the old James Brown adage says, ” take it to the bridge!” (to perform with increased vigor and extra effort!)

So in conclusion, if you won’t “grow” with me…then you cannot “go” with me! You will drown trying to go, if you don’t “see” who I really am…now!

“from this point forward, know no one after the flesh, but after the spirit” (revised translation)

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