You”re on The field…but out of the game!

basketball_gameEvery one of us have a purpose and a function in this life! We have a “place of duty”, (as it were) to which we have been assigned while moving through this life. Absolutely no one is born without a purpose!

One person’s assignment may seem to be more spectacular than another, but everyone is necessary to carry out God’s greater plans in this world. For the plan to happen, we must be available to God by placing our gifts and talents at His service. Then as we follow on to discover what He calls us to do, we must be ready to do it! For example:

Paul, a leader in the church, was delegated to the city of Corinth, one of the largest and most important cities of Greece and one of the greatest commercial centers of its day! This city was a “melting pot” with a great diversity of wealth, religion and moral standards, yet had a reputation of being fierce and corrupt! The city of Corinth offered great profits through trade and military protection of its ports, but the city’s prosperity made it ripe to all sorts of corruption.

Idolatry flourished and there were more than a dozen pagan temples employing at least a thousand prostitutes. Its reputation was such that prostitutes in other cities began to distinguish the girls there as the “Corinthian girls.”

There were, however, a church there, which included a great cross-section of believers-wealthy merchants, common laborers, former temple prostitutes and middle class families and because of the diversity of people and backgrounds, Paul took great pains to stress the need for both spiritual unity and christ-like character!

Now the city of Corinth was a difficult place to live for a Christian…and believers had questions about what it meant to live for Christ in the midst of all that corruption! Paul was the leader (the talent) that God used to: address their problems, mete out the corrective actions needed, set reasonable boundaries, and to clarify what it meant to be a leader-committed to Christ-centered living. Paul special calling was his function, his assignment and contribution in this world!

Like Paul in his day, God invites us to be Ambassadors for Him in our present-day living! Our gifts/talents are the way in which He will help people become all they can be while on earth.

Like a frustrated coach watching his team bicker on the court, Paul had to call a “time-out!” He saw the dangers of divisions and arguments. All the players had on the same uniform but they were doing as much as “any” enemy, to bring about their own defeat!! They were divided over allegiances and over which position on the team was more important, in such a way that made them all ineffective as a unit! They were all on the field, but out of the game! Their head was not where it should have been!! Their haphazard approaches cause them to forfeit many victories that should have been easy! The struggle was real, the competition is set, and they needed a leader…God’s leadership…a coach named Paul!

Paul summarized God’s foundational leadership principles and church discipline this way:

  1. First, you must accept the invite to become one of God’s Ambassadors
  2. You must think God’s way of thinking (have Gods perspective)…not the world’s. We can spend a life time accumulating wisdom and yet never learn to influence people’s lives! God’s Ambassadors aren’t against rational thinking. We truly believe in using our minds to weigh the evidence and make wise choices, but no amount of human knowledge can replace or bypass God’s wisdom!
  3. God’s power, and his power alone, is the only power that can change people. It cannot be tapped by reciting His name like a magic charm! God works his power only through those who accepts His invitation and commission!


NOTE: Gods leaders must address the struggles, difficulties and failures of the people with the bigger picture in mind.


  1. We must not divide in any way through speech nor action! Strive for harmony and keep arguments concerning personal allegiances off the team! Focus on your coach-Jesus Christ- and the purpose He has for this world. Although leaders may be united in their message, our personalities attract different people.


Divisions among Christians work like brick walls and barbed-wire fences to under-mind the effectiveness of the message of whatever we are to emphasize.

The foundations for the church…the blueprint for Gods leaders and all believers, never changes! Nothing and no other value will do!! A building with no foundation, or a building with a poorly constructed one will not last! The finest materials used to construct a home, quickly rot and fall apart, if it is resting on the ground…because buildings are only as solid as its foundation!!


NOTE: Two sure ways to destroy a building is to tamper with the foundation and to build with inferior materials!


If we are believers, then the foundation of our life will be Jesus Christ! He is our base, our reason for being. Everything we do must fit into the pattern provided by ‘Him!’

What are you building your life on? The only real and lasting foundation or are you building on a faulty foundation such as wealth, security, success or fame! Be careful how you build!


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