Oh for the rest!

resting 2There is a “rest” for the people of God! Without resting and trusting in His ability, you will get into fear, and this fear will connect you right back to the curse…the curse that you have been delivered from…poverty, sickness and spiritual death! Without a doubt, your enemy the devil, the wicked one is behind death and curses…not God!

God wants us to trust him when we can’t even find evidence of His being involved in our situation… and unless we “rest” from trying to work it all out ourselves…God simply will not work on your behalf! When we are not at rest we begin to toil and struggle to get something done ourselves…and when you do that…you are not in faith!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart! Everyone who is tired and weary from attempting to find a way for yourself…He’s waiting for you to “enter in” to His rest.

There is a rest for the people of God. However, we do not enter into that rest because of our own unbelief. We waiver as to the validity of His promises. Just know that God is faithful! He has no reason to back pedal on you or doubt His own ability.

He is Lord and besides Him there is no other that can come through and deliver like He can! Many imitation of God claim to be the ultimate one, but there is no God like our God-Jehovah Eloihim. He proves himself to all! He is the God of Abraham Isaac, Jacob and, of course…nardraV! What do you need today? I dare you to even act like you believe and trust the ‘living God! He will show up for you! Guaranteed!

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