No more waiting for Daylight!



Are you waiting for daylight so you can get up and do something?  Do things appear hopeless and you find yourself digging around in the dark? His word is light in dark places; so no more waiting for daylight before you will move out! Grab the word and take that step! He will not fail you!

Sometimes desperation takes over courage! It masquerades as ‘courage’! So stop defending mediocrity, it is exhausting!

Step into surrender! Do things Gods way, for your family, your business and you will never ever regret it!

So die to self efforts, self exhaustion and self defeatism right now and God will take you places only ‘dead men’ can go!! Step into surrender!

No more waiting for the day to dawn! Go and shout to the world that you have already found your answer!!! Now work! 

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