Move Mountain!!

(This one is for you saints!)

“Believers, if you are engaged in a fight of your life today, remember…endure suffering during this difficult time. War a good warfare!

It is easy to serve Christ for the “wrong reasons”: just because it is exciting, just because it feels rewarding or personally enriching or just to belong to something. However, remember your foundation! It has been laid properly, using the word of truth. Without a proper foundation however, you will find it quite easy to quit during this difficult time. Our warfare is not physical but mighty through God to the pulling down of anything that seem to have a stronghold over you!!

All believers need this strong foundation to endure! Therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ-you cannot entangle yourself in the affairs of this life; you must please him who has chosen you to be a soldier and if you strive to be master over all strongholds, expect to be crowned…however you must strive…lawfully!!

Remember, our forefather Paul compared the Christian life to athletes, soldiers and farmers who must discipline themselves, and be willing to sacrifice to achieve the results they want!

Like soldiers, we must endure the rigorous discipline of a soldier. Like athletes, we must train hard and follow the rules. Like farmers, we must work extremely hard and be patient. But we keep going, despite the suffering, because of the thought of victory, the vision of winning and the hope of return (ROI). We will see our suffering is worthwhile when we achieve our goal, we will glorify God!!

God speaks through His word, but we need to be receptive to Him. Ask Him to show you His unchangeable and ageless truths and their application to your life. I did!


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