Lips and tongues!?

If you desire long life and want good, then seek the Lord! Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile!

Many of our parents had an expression, “stop carrying a bone and bringing a bone!” i.e. Stop repeating gossip or hearsay, and for sure, stop with the “throwing shade!” Do not engage in this foolishness! It benefit no one but fools! Fools have their reward!

I believe that’s what is meant by keeping your tongue and lips! Stop trying to go along to get along, with the status-quo…it just doesn’t work that way! Status quo living just doesn’t produce the lasting results that you desire!

If we expect things to go well with us…each day, and certainly if we expect “prosperity” and success to come, then close your mouth and only speak that which is good, honest true and of a good report-then long, happy, fortunate and enviable life will be your reward! After all, if we will be honest with ourselves, that this is what we all are striving for, and stretching hard to achieve!

Depart from evil (get out of mess!) and do good; (not what we call “good”, but what God calls good!).

Let me help you out with how God defines good: “honest, right, excellence and makes for peace, not chaos, disruption and meanness!).

We are to seek and pursue peace, (not jump on the bandwagon to every cause under the sun that God has already rendered His verdict on, and has confidently moved on.) He got this! His judgement and kingdom rules…over…ALL! Move on into the things He has assigned you to do!

His eyes watches over the righteous and His ears are open to their cry, to deliver them out of all their troubles. (and we all seem to have a bunch of that!) However, His word tells us that there will be “many afflictions”, but the Lord will deliver out of them ‘all’!

So…lips and tongues, bless the Lord and do good and keep His word, keep your focus…and the years of thy life will be …many!


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