Life intentional  

intentionalEverybody has a dream! What’s your’s? What’s your career aspirations? What’s your divine purpose and destiny? What are your goals and desires? Do you know why you are here on this earth? Are you aware of any human needs that you were sent here to fulfill? No? If you don’t have a dream then how and to what are you wrapping your faith around? What’s the point of even saying you have faith? Faith for what?!

Intentional: an action performed with awareness, done deliberately, consciously, on purpose!

Once God gives a dream, you must act upon it right then! Without acting immediately after hearing God’s direction for the dream in He placed in your heart, you will probably lose it, and the dream dies and you will become disillusioneddisappointed, depressed, dejected, unhappy, angry and fed up on your journey here on earth! This is referred to as ‘sick!’

Once again…the longer you take to act on and acknowledge God’s direction in your life, the more unclear and unbelievable (referred as ‘sick‘) your dream will become!  Sick dreams are like sick people, they lose their appetite and grow fatigued! So it is in the spirit. When you become sick spiritually you become spiritually fatigued and lose your dream(s).

Believe it or not, other people’s eternal destination are riding on whether “you” fulfill the dream that God has placed in “your” heart! Yes, you! Your dreams are designed to light the way for others to follow their own dreams and purpose. This is God’s design for each generation. You must rekindle and fulfill that dream! Ask God to elevate your dream, that He would speak the dream loud, with intensity, so you won’t miss it! If you believe God has given you a dream, you’ll strategize, you’ll plan, you’ll budget, you’ll be generous and you will be “intentional in your efforts!”

So, wake up and rekindle your dream! Be intentional in your life!

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