Life in a Valley

walking-in-valley “Living in a valley” is not your permanent home!  

A valley is considered a low place between two hills. However, the valley is a place that you’re suppose to just pass thru, not live there!

Some types of valleys are crisis, devastation,  trauma, life experiences or some type of transition! Just because a crisis seem to hit your home, your body, your relationship or your job, this is still not where you are supposed to live!! It’s a temporary position.

Your day of departure has already been set by God! So don’t become bitter and discouraged and let them take root. What was meant for harm, God will, not only bring you out… but pay you back for the all the unfair things done to you. You must hang on to the promises  from God: that you are headed for divine overflow! Don’t forget, you were not created for the valley. Weeping may endure for a night (not forever), but joy comes this morning.

Don’t get stuck in the valley thinking you have seen your best days! Pass thru the valley…God will bring you out with great substance and better off than you were before! You must pass through! So don’t set up for permanency. It’s only for a moment!


“three years ago, we decided to downsize our home of 4 years. Our 5,000 sf home, had became just too much to handle! My last child was off the college, and I felt I was pulled in so many directions! For the first time in a while, I was an “empty-nester!”

 Between working full-time, chairing the monthly meeting of my nonprofit organization and managing the center, coming home cooking (usually complete meals daily), cleaning that large home, and working on my garden and landscape…I was stressed out!

 My home also housed my private (1,200 sf) office space, so I would constantly be working on something for the nonprofit or counseling individuals via phone or internet! In addition to that, it took too much to travel for entertainment. We were located at the end of the county-quite a distance from shopping and entertainment, (those that I preferred anyway.)

I decided to not only downsize my home, but to secure a separate, commercial office space away from the home, and not mix my work life with my personal life at home. 

I chose a newly built 2,000 sf townhouse. I had it upgraded in order to make it my own space…inside out. (kitchen, bath, landscaping).

Later, that year and at the last moment, my college student decided that she wanted to remain at home, in order to save some money in order for her to live on her own during her Junior year at college. Nevertheless, that town-home seemed to get filled very quickly!

After a couple of years there, I began to sense that it was time to move on from there. I began to look to secure a little larger place, (I was appalled at how long it seemed to take to find the right one!) The real estate market had ‘gotten better,’ by this time and I just couldn’t understand why I could not find the right space!

I began to experience some of these  “valley” symptoms! I simply did not anticipate that it would take as long as it did!

Disappointment, discouragement, weariness and; at times frustration…seemed to overwhelmed me. I couldn’t help remembering in times past, of being able to expedite any matter…quickly and expeditiously!!

I could not understand why this time, it was taking so long! Whenever I wanted to move,  it was just a matter of contacting our real estate agent and the move was on! However, this time, it seemed as if everything was either ridiculously overpriced or was not worth the value that I wanted.

After months of seeking the Lord, I began to realize God had another plan and time frame. He made me to know that no matter what, the valley was not where I was meant to reside and His word did work! He promised to give me the desires of my heart!! I had to be steadfast, unmovable and keep believing and moving forward. It did seem though, that I was in a valley…when I was used to living on the mountain!

Yes, I was frustrated to no end! Remember now, I have this testimony that I always got what I wanted. (as long as I abided in Him). This time however, the promise seemed to take on a life of itself! However, I kept standing and believing that God would yet come thru.

I made up my mind that I would not just settle for the town-home because things looked as if I couldn’t find my dream, that God had given me the authority to pursue any desire. I knew that I was only suppose to stay here while God worked out His plan. I was just passing through on my way to my promise!

It wasn’t necessarily a valley, but it certainly felt like a “living in the valley” experience. I knew that the decision to downsize was determined by God regardless of what anybody thought. It was the height of the real estate crisis where everything seemed topsy-turvey, yet God said…”move, enlarge your stakes. There is a better place prepared for you!”

Today I have, just what I was standing firm for…a 3,000 sf, 4 bdr, 3.5 bath, custom kitchen & baths, third floor finished bedroom and bath, walk up additional storage, a first floor, private home office, a detached 2-car garage, screened porch, covered front porch, a court-yard which houses my gazebo and grill, and a covered walk-way from the garage, through the screen porch;  and best of all… just 20 minute from my favorite mall, shops and office!!! Need I say more ?

So pack up your stuff, pull up your stakes and move forward! You’re not a citizen of “the valley.”                  

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    With many uncertainties at this time in our country and some of our lives, you provided the message for the hour. Thanks for your obedience in helping us to pass through the valley.

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