Your life-direction model

The bible gives us a clear choice between two life directions: because life often forks off in two directions!

You must take the higher road, even though it looks more difficult, treacherous and gets very steep in places!

The climb takes its toll on your energy, and it gets very lonely, slippery and your enemy will blow ice on the narrow passages.  Despite its dangers, the higher road is bound for the highest point of your mountain~ and you will make it!

There are not many people on this road, but there are more on it, than you can imagine….some probably because of your example.
God has a lifeline around you. When you are tempted to falter in your faith, or to turn back from following Christ, keep focused on what He has done for you and what He offers in the future, then…keep climbing!

Persevere in your Christian faith and conduct when facing persecution, pressure and suffering! They will build your character, your patience and endurance!

Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense of reward…For you have need of patience that after you have done the will of God…you  might receive…The Promise!” (life, and abundant Life) Heb. 10:35

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