Leading the next generation: Millenniums

Leaders, you have a great privilege and responsibility to lead and train our next generation well.

But it’s important to make sure that the leadership “platform” is last, and only given once they have demonstrated patient endurance, the ability to implement guardrails, and genuine leadership.

As a leader, training leaders, you have such a large responsibility to train them well.

Some things that will be very important for you as you do this will be the following ideas:

1. Provide Coaching Along the Way:

It’s important to provide coaching along the way. I’m reminded of those moments children are disciplined; we don’t just punish them and walk away. We take those moments as coaching lessons to train them up well.

In the same way, if you ask these next generation leaders to serve but don’t take moments to explain the importance of what they’re doing, what value it brings to them and the church, and how they can become a better leader as a result, they’ll be missing a very important lesson along the way.

2. Model What You Teach:

Few things will be more valuable to these young people than you modeling what you are teaching them. It will go a long way if they see you picking up trash next to them after an event, or see you sitting down with someone. We are never above what we ask others to do.

3. Be Intentional About Their Opportunities:

It can be easy to give interns or students all the jobs no one else wants to do. It’s okay to give them these jobs as it creates opportunity to learn about leadership, but it also shouldn’t be about giving them the bottom of the barrel because it’s easy for you or your team. As they model leadership and patience in these moments, be intentional about giving them bigger projects and allowing them to spread their wings where they are gifted. Training and coaching takes being intentional, so don’t take the easy way out.

I hope for all the leaders out there training the next generation that you’ll be wise and intentional about the responsibility you have. Furthermore, enjoy the ride! What a privilege to train up the next generation that will continue to build the local communities!

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