Kim Burrell backtracking ? Nahhhh!

There was a question put out in the atmosphere from the DL Hughley radio show about Kim Burrell’s controversial statement, asking for people’s thoughts and opinions.

PEOPLE….With all your getting…get understanding! “Solid food,” is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern what is both good and evil!

We all know what the bible’s stance on this subject has been…and is! Why do people insist on trying to change it because of their own lack of understanding and their own vain, human reasoning?

If people are standing firm on their own personal position and refute anyone who attempts to challenge it…why should the Church change its beliefs to accommodate someone else’s viewpoint, simply because of the relevancy of the year?! What has the year got to do with it anyway? There is nothing new under the sun! 

Many people, either have engaged in this sin, or have family members that have engaged and are engaging, yet we still love them! (let’s hope).

We do not have to backtrack nor explain away what the scriptures says about any subject! It’s pretty clear and says exactly what it means, for whatever the purposes. Who, might I ask…thinks they are so powerful as to ‘check’ the Almighty? 

This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in heavenly warfare.

Believers…don’t be shaken or apologetic! It’s not “your” opinion…but God’s declaration! He needs “No” defending and His Glory will always have your back! He is well able…no worries!

So don’t get involve in meaningless dialogues that mock and call evil…good; and good…evil! Don’t you know the word? It is “forever” settled and will “never”… change! It is from eternity to eternity!

The carnal mind will always be hostile to ‘anything’ and ‘anyone’ that is called “God!” I’m talking about the real, “living” God, not a fictitious one!!

When the smoke clears it’s still going to be “thus says the Lord!” Attacking His “called out” ones will never change an unchanging God! He says what He means… and means what He says!! He got this!!

We “all” have the responsibility of loving (agape’) one another, of forgiving one another, and of displaying human decency!

Let’s all find something we “can” agree on like goodness, love, and human kindness! That’ll work! Or is this now obsolete?

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