Infusion of Healing Rain


Infusion of Healing Rain“- (Event) APRIL 1-5 2015

Laying before the Lord, infused in His presence, seeking to know His heart! It is, an intimate time where we place ourselves in a posture of rest in the Lord’s presence while listening to anointed music created to impart to our spirit, and bypass our mind.
MISSION: Asking God to pull us a little closer, a little deeper! We just stay put, open our healing rain6.3.28.15hands, close our eyes, and receive….experiencing the most amazing manifestations and the deepest changes: forgiveness, healing, renewed strength, visions, commissions, confirmations, affirmation from the Father…In turn, we just respond by whispering, “Yes Father, I receive, I let go, I give you, I will do, work in me, heal, save, restore…”


Healing Rain: refers to the grace, mercy and forgiveness God showers on us and our lives everyday. It heal all of our wounds, loneliness, depression, injustice, inequality, hate, violence, oppression etc.

Healing Rain cleans us of unwanted germs, particles, and anything wearing down in our very nature. It gives us moisture and refreshes us. As we receive the rain and drink, we will be healthy.

We need the rain from heaven to invade our lives, so it seems right to soak in his presence. To wait on him and receive his direction for our life, family, ministry and our world.

We need to hear from HIM, not the debaters and the smart guys….

Do you have a situation? Is there not a cause? Join Us!

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