I’m on it…instantaneously!

“If it’s burning them, it’s concerning them!!” img_2811.jpg

Prophetess NardraV in your house!


Never stop preaching the word! Be instant in season and out of season! Preach it when they want to hear it and when they don’t want to hear it!”

Now you folk who keeps saying what you want, decreeing what you expect, and adamant that you are “waiting on Jesus, listen… He is Lord…He will never change His word, and His demands, and who He decided to send in order to accommodate perverse, wrong/thinking, combative, false, and fake mindsets or false spirits!!! Neither will those on assignment reorder Gods processes!

He appoints, anoints and sets in “His” body those…as it pleases Him and not you!! We got this!!! We are “the called”… according to ‘His’ purposes…not yours!

Sometimes as most operations are…it can get bloody, especially when the thing has to just…be…cut out!! However, afterwards…it will yield the “peaceful fruits of righteousness”-one fruit being-healing to your body and life to you!!

Sin, hatefulness, divisiveness, impure, and unloving, heretic ways moving in some people, can cause things to erupt inside them until they become sick! Satan loves that!! This “dis-ease” that many people decides to walk in is compared to one who has developed a cancerous growth, that not only grows bigger and bigger, but if left to remain; it will affect the whole body and it will “metastasize”( spread to other members), so then it becomes a necessary operation (cutting) in order for you and the body to continue living! It’s your decision: live or die!!

God’s operation doesn’t drain your bank account!! It “will” cost you something though: your faith, your faith in the process and your willingness to receive who He sent with your word of life!! You already know this word is sharp! It is sharper than a two-edged sword; (laser-precision), skillful and is designed to cut out the cancerous growths, apply the balm and bandages of healing and completely destroy it out of your body!!

Stop resisting the Great Physician, the process and the physicians assistant!! Resistance indicates that you are satisfied with the state that you are in and that you desire to live sick and die without ever seeing the kingdom promises!

So…Receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save you!! Stop reacting vehemently to the truth! Remember how Moses’ one (1) snake ate up the false prophets several other snakes? Nothing can stop the power of the word to do what it was sent to do…except you!!!

Jesus is Lord over all and nothing will avert His way or His word!! No power can stop the power of his Rhema word!! It will accomplish exactly what He sent it to do!! Stop expecting something else!! This is your answer!



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