I’m in “beast-mode!”

DEFINE “BEAST-MODE”: Going beyond the ‘norm of your humanity’ and excelling in all your actions; and in greatness today! “BEAST-MODE!!

Believers…Step-it-Up! It is the fathers’ “good pleasure” to give you the Kingdom! and this kingdom ain’t evil, mean, pitiful , ugly or powerless! This Kingdom is not only in word…but in Power!!! Who is it that will attempt to stand against the power of the almighty God...or His anointed?!! ‘Who’ can lay any charge to Those God has “elected?!”

How is it you say your God is all powerful, almighty and no weapon can be strong to your detriment yet have a posture of defeat? Yes…you!!

“Saints…Suit-up!” You have “His” armor…not yours! I’m not talking about a flesh-to-flesh fight either! Some people really think they winning in a flesh battle! God is a spirit…you are a spirit….you live in a flesh body….true worshippers and faith people communicate with His awesomeness….in the spirit!!! Kingdoms and strongholds are destroyed how ? You guessed it!….in the spirit, not in the flesh!

Perhaps that’s why we seem to be burying so many “believers!” And many are “sickly among us!! (His word…not mine!) Measuring yourselves by someone else’s standard and not God’s!…and you know what God I’m talking about!!! The only one that matters! Sheesh!

Nobody need baby any believer, from this point forward! You are to represent the Kingdom that “you” said you have committed to! Nobody twisted your arm! (well, on second thought…perhaps you “are” representing whatever Kingdom you believe in! 🤔) If it ain’t powerful and conquering, then it certainly is not God’s Kingdom!!

Why are you fussing, arguing and blaming people about how God said “His” Kingdom is to operate? Especially if they are following His pattern? Perhaps because “you’re” not doing according to His pattern but your own!

He did His part, now do yours!! You call yourself His Ambassador!

Babies don’t win wars, nor destroy strongholds!! Mature conquerors do! Strong meat belong to the spiritually mature; (this one is for free…and you don’t have to “send me an offering just to speak His Wisdom!!)

“Warn the villagers; the dissenters of the gospel, the unclean; those that desire to just settle; the procrastinators; the wicked and evil-doers; and all heretics….I’m in “Beast-mode” today🤨

True Believers…the battle is the Lord’s, not yours!…however, you are certainly ‘commanded’ to “disallow” ANYTHING….CONTRARY….to the word, sound doctrine & wisdom of God, without respect of persons!

Jeremiah, verses 1,5,8,10:
“See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms,

1) To uproot ANYTHING CONTRARY, and;
2) To break down ANYTHING CONTRARY,
3) To destroy ANYTHING CONTRARY and;
4) to overthrow ANYTHING CONTRARY,
5) To build (rebuild), the waste places of scattered truth, and;
6) To plant, (plant again) the foundation of the Kingdom of God”

You know what needs to be done! Get your gear on!! Now obey God!!!


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