Your life, and every endeavor…is equal to a “race of life!” You must run your own race , having your own story and telling it, in your own voice.

You must have a distinct vision for your own life, always looking towards your goals, while being constantly aware of what’s around you, not focusing too much on who’s next to you or who’s behind you! You must beat your own time, not someone else’s! and never look back in regret!

Whether you’re launching a business, trying to finish school, or starting a blog, this is important for you to understand. There will always be other people on the track to life, in the audience, and in the arena. There will always be people ahead of or behind you. But if you spend all of your time looking at what others are doing, you’re going to trip over your own feet.


I’ve fallen into the trap of comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle, and it’s only hurt me. This is not to say you shouldn’t be motivated by others! Being motivated by others’ successes is important to our own success. Remember that you’re competing to be the best version of you, and everything else will fall into place.


“So with that being said…I do not run this race of life, like someone running aimlessly; I live as well and as fully as possible, I do not live this life for the wrong reasons, I do not engage in fights, like someone who is shadow-boxing! I do not make futile attempts at anything, nor engage in fights to no purpose, as somebody who is in doubt about the way in which they should run, as someone who fights with his own shadow, or beat the empty air. I run my race of life…to WIN


My Personal Maxim: I DON’T BEAT AIR!

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