gifts from hardships

Pain touches everyone. No one is exempt from hardship. On every level of life, there are hardships! So be very careful what you ask for!

We don’t ask for hardships, and of course, are usually not welcomed. They’re not something one would plan into their life’s development, but yet, hardships are among our most powerful teachers!

Many of us underestimate what it takes to get to that next level in life! Oftentimes we don’t examine the cup of suffering that happens on the future destinyway to this next level and what it all entails. We don’t inspect the “cross” that we will have to bear! These cups and crosses will be “the path,” and will be how you will get to your next level!

So many people want the promotion without the problems, riches without work, fame without humility! That won’t happen!! So before you ask…you better examine the cup!

For example: If you want your own home, there may come a time that you will experience some hardships! You will have to do your own maintenance and all the issues you didn’t have to deal with before!

Sometimes on this journey to the next level, life will tease, taunt and ridicule you! You help others with their issues and can’t seem to fix your own!! You help others with their marriage and yours fail!  You bend over backwards for your boss and someone else gets the promotion! WOW!

If you are going through a period where life has taunted you, just know that this is the nature of the beast! You will get mocked sometimes, you will feel beat-up sometimes. You will certainly get talked about and judged sometimes!! But if you never experience bullying or being mistreated, then you will never respect the “gifts gained,” or experience the steps of how to win, and neither will you discover who ‘you’ really are! Hardship is painful. But if you can learn from it, you gain something back!

Your story is not over!  And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. 1 Pet.5:10


Gifts gained from Hardships: (Compliments of Center for Creative Leadership)

Gift #1
Greater insight or clarity about what makes you tick .
Hardships force you to come face-to-face with who you are. The experience of hardship often reveals limitations, patterns, beliefs and skills you didn’t see or appreciate before. This shift in self-awareness is powerful. You have the chance to make new choices based on what matters; how you act, think and feel; and what you can and cannot do.

Gift #2
Increased compassion for others. A significant dose of humility usually comes with hardship. It is never easy to confront the truth that you are not perfect, invincible or immune to tough and terrible things. But going through hardship can open your eyes to the hardships of others. Receiving support and help from others may motivate you to give support and help more readily. Your sense of compassion can grow.

Gift #3.
 Surviving hardship and willing yourself to move forward builds added strength to tackle new challenges and face future failures. Resilience allows you to be flexible and durable as things change. It teaches you to be open to learning and agile as you figure out what to do next.

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