Focused Productivity…

I have always known, that just 3 hours of “focused productivity”, will get done for me, more than 20 hours of exhausted struggling!”


Focused Productivity? Glad you asked!  

For me, it means that I must manage my attention. It is my ability to stay focused on anything I’m doing intellectually or that I am focusing on by way of my  creative work! 

So after a long period of concentration of any activities involving my work, I give myself a shorter period of doing simple, unfocused activities. This is a period in which I give rest to the assignment at hand, so that I can be recharged!

 When my attention span runs out, instead of continuing to work, I recover it by disconnecting from the task at hand! I take a break, take a walk and relax by listening to worship music or I simply meditate on the goodness of God in my life. 

For example, once during meditation, (meditating the word of God only), I came across a word that says, “There is a rest for the people of God- a promise of entering into what is called, the rest of God.  

This rest for me, meant ceasing from my own “efforts”as the basis for my own righteousness, no longer “needing” to work at something, mentally or spiritually, and submitting to His way, and entering into my “promised land” of milk (nourishment) and honey (health). A land where I can be prosperous, a place of abundance; where I am nourished and where I can stay healthy!

For instance, the generation that escaped Egypt were kept from entering their promise land because they simply did not believe it was possible to obtain anything better than the land of Egypt from which they came! They fell-short (through unbelief), of ever entering their expected promise land!  

We must be so mindful of the fact that even though we have a promise from our God, of just “chillin”….we can fall short of achieving it, because we just won’t believe! 

 Simply listening to his promises, is just not going to be enough! We must mix the word with corresponding actions, in order for us to access our promise land!

Most of us know this promise: that it is God who has given us, the “power” to create our wealth-wealth that is creative and innovative! Wealth-meaning other things besides money: affluence, revenue, security, worth, assets and happiness!

Yes, there is a “rest” for the people of God…and in that place of rest…I create… my own wealth! Needless to say…nardraV is resting! 

So when you see me out and about, I am resting, and the multiplication of my efforts will be revealed, to all! Remember, focused productivity has all the benefits of a blessed life! 

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