Falling Short @Work

Sometimes work is thwarted by our weakness. We simply fall short of the mark. If we recognize that our work is hobbled by disobedience, resentment, laxity, fear, selfishness, and other ailments, we can find comfort in knowing that the mission will ultimately be accomplished and that you are not alone!

We may have spoken harshly to a coworker, been impatient with a student, ignored our responsibility to our family, or done our work poorly. But we have faith that God is able to bring about his intent for the world even in the midst of our weakness and failure.

We have all sinned and fallen short at times. Yet, God still use our efforts to accomplish your purposes that He has designed for you.

Through all our halting, flawed, intermittent service, God still accomplishes the fullness of the higher mission! By God’s power, even our poor service may accomplish everything that God intends.

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