faith-n business….

God-kind of faith is “only” dependent on the word of God! This faith is Faith for “any” endeavor. 1-spoken word

Bible faith is spoken! (Mark 11:24) “Whosoever” shall say unto this mountain (issues, problems, hindrances, etc…) be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those thing which he “says” shall come to past; he will have whatever he says! (this is the God kind of faith) ”

You must believe it first and that is what comes to past! So stop trying to do business the worlds way and trying to get people’s  approval!

We are called to be different and to do things differently!

God speaks what He desires and that’s what comes to past!! That is how the earth was formed. He spoke what He believed! Not what people believed about what He believed.

Nothing works in the kingdom without “love“, nothing works in the Kingdom apart from a seed and nothing works in the Kingdom without Faith…the God-Kind!

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