Behind the Scenes…(success & triumph!)

Faith is designed to work for the “IMPOSSIBLE” not that which is “possible!” 

We have been born (again), from a realm that goes beyond this present time of how we feel, what we see, and what our circumstances are! This realm is the arena of FAITH! The GOD-KIND!

You can’t feel faith. It is a spirit; a force that comes out of your human spirit! So, for you to get  a response from God, You are going to have to leave your flesh! 

If what you desire is possible to attain without God, then why would you need faith? You can just get whatsoever you desire, right?! 

We use our faith in God to make the seemingly “impossible,” become possible and receive whatsoever we desire!!

JESUS said “Have faith in God!” )have the God-kind of faith); the truth is…whosoever (that would be you), shall say unto this mountain, (whether a mountain of fear, unproductivity in a dream, a business or vision, family problems, sickness, disease…whatever!)… be thou removed (get gone) and be cast into the sea and whoever shall not doubt in their ‘heart’ (your spirit which is the real you); but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass….he shall HAVE “WHATSOEVER” he SAYS.”

Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe you have already received them and you shall have them!

 (Mk. 11:22-24)

NO MORE trying to get it by what you are “FEELING! NO MORE walking by “SIGHT,” symptoms or suggestion, or by all the “REPORTS;” stop looking at your situation based on how man sees things, or even placing hope in all the ‘well-wishing!” Well wishing will not get your prayers answered… faith towards God WILL! You decide!!

The moment you try to “feel it,” you step out of the arena of faith! Remember, you have a “heart” (inner you), and a measure of faith (mustard seed size), to believe with! 

Lk 1:38. No RHEMA word from God shall be void of power!

…Kingdom Culture 101

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