Your Faith holds your destiny!

the_road_to_destiny1Kingdom Ambassadors, lets remember: Our sense of reason, is our capacity for consciously making sense of things and applying logic.

Reason is how we establish and verify facts, and change practices. However, REASON deals with facts…but FAITH deals with truth! It’s truth that guarantees personal freedom!! Truth sets you free!

For you to get what God has for you, (wholeness, prosperity, etc), it requires the SUPERNATURAL! You can’t go by what the facts say! Remember…you will not be able to say what God says, if youDON’T BELIEVE!”

Regardless of the condition or what the circumstances look like,YOU MUST SAY WHAT GOD SAYS…IF YOU WANT IT! 

Only consider one thing…the Word of God!!
If you are in the Kingdom, all the rules to wholeness are reset by ‘His word’, no one elses!!


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    Good Word! Keep up this GOD work…

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