Faith Evidence

Faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for. It is the evidence (visible proof) of things not manifested yet, and is the assurance that what you are believing for, has already happened, and that now, you are expecting its manifestation!
Evidence is …that which tends to prove somethifaith evidence 4.7.15ng; it is the ground for your belief; it is that thing that you are expecting! The next step…go get it!
Go apply for it, invest in it, prepare for it…and most definitely…go look for what you are expecting…
Remember, you must give up doing things your way (control) and let God direct your footsteps. The manifestation is there, and will reveal itself when you get to it!
My friends, your strong faith, or lack thereof, is not connected to some space meter of God’s grace. He does not release his love and faithfulness, based on how well you are trusting!
You must know and believe that he loves you and is holding on to you… whether you are lounging about, enjoying a time of confident faith or clinging to the bottom of the boat waiting for the ride to be over!
It’s Christ’s perfect faith we stand on! It’s His strength that gets us through and not our own! #HealingRainCentre

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