Evaluations & Measurements…Keeping our Standards up!

It is interesting that Christian believers, do not want to be evaluated; particularly since our standards and performance measurements, are set by God! Lets all be honest and admit it…sometimes we “just get rusty!”

God is looking for results! Why? because His Kingdom is Performance-Driven!

Remember the expression…’put up or shut up’?! Does your walk matching your talk? Are you ten times better? Remember, your faith must have some “proof”, rather than a mental assentotherwise, it is not the God-Kind of faith to which we are commanded to walk and live in!

We have to depend on God, as our source and we most definitely, must switch from the world’s kingdoms and systems, over to God’s culture and His Kingdom principles!

We are employed by God, and we are here on assignment! He is our only judge and law-giver!! It is He, who shifts the battle and ultimately decides who win or loses!

Therefore we must stand, uncompromisingly on what He says!” Compromising and bowing down, changes absolutely nothing!

STAND FAST!! Promotion is the result of your non-compromising position!!

Remember, “prosperity” always comes with every promotion; and that includes your health, your position and your life! The bonus…you will be raised up another level in the Spirit…confident and victorious!

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