Entrepreneur-Make the Shift to Abundance!

Abundance is created by believing that you live in a world of more than enough. Your ‘perception becomes your reality’, which is why a belief in abundance (there’s plenty for everyone!) over scarcity (there’s only so much and I’m afraid I won’t get my share!) makes such a big difference in our ability to execute in business.

A positive perception of all the opportunities that are in your past, your present and your future will empower you to take advantage of them. A scarcity mindset does the opposite, discouraging you from even looking for new opportunities. People live in three worlds.
The first being:

The world of never enough

This is the most negative world; it’s the realm of belief where people think there is never enough for everyone and especially not enough for them. We all know people like this. They focus on the voids, shortages and obstacles that they perceive in their own lives and others’, always neglecting to think about what they do have. By focusing on what they do not have, these people are guaranteed to attract more scarcity or lack into their lives.

The world of just enough

The people who live with this belief are who I call “the 99 percent.” They live their lives attempting to just get by, thinking that there is barely enough out there to suit their needs.

Why is the potential for “the 99 percent” limited? Their beliefs have what I call a “zeroing-out effect” in everything they do. Instead of enjoying the consistent, persistent pursuit of their potential, they settle for an almost consistent, almost persistent, almost enjoyable pursuit of their potential. This group is limited by their inability to connect with what inspires them.

These “99 percent” may have great intentions, but they limit their beliefs, their actions, their thoughts and their energy. They don’t understand that believing wholeheartedly in the world of “more than enough” is an exponential accelerator of growth.

The world of more than enough

The people who live in this world are those who see their past, present and future as being more than enough. They are grateful, and they are forgiving. They see opportunity around every corner, allowing them to say, do, think and experience that the universe is in their favor.

In this world, everything unravels in your favor. Those who believe in this principle will pursue their dreams without focusing on a self-imposed timeline to achieve them. This belief allows them to persistently and consistently enjoy the pursuit of their potential.

To illustrate these concepts, I use the example of a tree that grows in a very odd way. First and foremost it grows down instead of up and out. This tree knows that there are more than enough nutrients to feed it. There is ample water. There is more than enough time to grow big and tall.

So, what does this tree do? It builds a root system that’s so extensive and strong that it can support an unbelievable load. After a few years building this extensive root system, it shoots upward, sometimes as much as 80 feet in one year. This is the way the universe unravels when you believe in more than enough.

Another example that everybody is familiar with is the placebo effect, which shows a powerful impact people experience simply by carrying the right energy — one of belief. Belief can turn a sugar pill into a medical treatment that has a positive effect.

See opportunities as your roots. When they don’t go (grow) the way that you plan or how you think they should, hold the perspective that they must be going (growing) in a way that’s building a solid foundation, strength and support for what’s coming to you when the time is right.

What you believe, whether positive or negative, determines what you receive.

So, why not choose to believe that you live in an abundant world where there is more than enough of everything for everyone?
(D.Meltzer Contributer)


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