Don’t Kill the Messenger

In ancient times no one wanted to bring a ruler bad news. All too many of those autocrats, reacted by killing the messenger!

When the Prophet Hanani rebuked King Asa for relying on Syria rather than God, the enraged king put Prophet Hanani in prison.

Rather than dealing with the message, King Asa struck out against the messenger.

We often react in the same way when a parent, spouse, or close friend criticizes our actions or simply gives us advice. Rather than listening to, and evaluating the message, we get upset with the messenger, began deflecting, and causes the situation to escalate.

You lose out twice-
1.) you hurt a love one and;
2.) you miss a perspective that you need to hear!

The next time you are criticized, just respectively thank the messenger…genuinely! It will go well with you in the end! Consider the alternative!

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