How to turn our worst communities into fertile places”


NDM, Inc-a 501 (3)(c) parachurch organization along with its flagship organization, RHEMA Management Consulting, is pleased to announce the formation of a tool for nonprofit organizations, FBO’s, neighborhoods and communities, for creating a growing, sustainable community and for developing an ongoing, economic strategy called “The EDEN Economic Development Initiative!” (EEDI)


Collaborative Partnership for creating growing, sustainable communities and a plan for setting in place, a sound economic development strategy. A tool for community organizations, neighborhoods, and small communities. |

| The EEDI Project |VISION|consists of supporting and expanding existing businesses and attracting new businesses that contribute to economic development, including helping businesses create jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship, and improving quality of life with new services and amenities.


THE EEDI PROJECT– For those entrepreneurs, nonprofits, individuals and organizations who are looking for economic development strategies for their communities, in order to provide better quality of life for those who live there. It is for those looking to plug in, collaborate and plan their next big move!

Join us for our monthly Planning Meetings

Strategic Team LUNCH meeting,”
Time: 12:15 pm-1:30 pm.


Our economic development strategies :
can help nonprofit organizations, communities and local entrepreneurs, achieve their goals for growth and development, while maintaining their distinctive character.

There are three core components of this smart-growth economic development strategy:

  1. supporting entrepreneurship and small start-up businesses,
  2. supporting workers, and workforce development; and
  3. supporting quality of sustainable life within each community.

As a Collaborative Partner, you can make a difference to the citizens you serve and in the services you can provide.

Strategic Planning DATES:

♦ Tuesday, June 26, 2018
♥ Tuesday, July  31, 2018
♠ Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018
♣ Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018