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“BACK ON TRACK-Starting Over After Domestic Abuse

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A person who has left an unsafe environment with a volatile partner may find that they face a new set of problems.

For some, they have suddenly lost the main source of their financial security. In fleeing the domestic abuse situation, a person can be crippled by the loss of income and stability.

NDM Ministries, Inc is assisting abuse victims by helping them prepare for their own economic stability. For domestic violence survivors, without therapy and money, many domestic abuse victims return to their abusive relationships.

Domestic Abuse Survivors need:

a) initial living expenses

b) therapy to keep them strong and;

c) support network That includes mentoring & counseling.

Abusive partners often use the victim’s mental health issues of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder against them in court even though the partner’s abuse caused those disorders.

Survivors also need a place to live and care for their children as they look for work. Without proper housing, a victim of domestic abuse jeopardizes their ability to retain custody of their children.

Either situation, lack of therapy or money, negatively affects abuse victims, with or without children. Believe it or not, there are many people who do not have supportive families and who no longer have friends because their abuser effectively isolated them from anyone who would care to help.

The program, hosted by the Healing Rain Women’s Centre, is called the “Back on Track” Employment Initiative. Since many women have been stay-at-home moms, or have had limited employment opportunities, when they leave their abuser, they may lose their income, health insurance, transportation and access to credit. The “Back on Track” Employment Initiative aims to provide steps for women to get back on track.

The program will help them to find a job. Once the woman is working, the program can also help with maintaining a budget, savings and employee retention. The program can offer strategies to address the economic challenges of leaving the relationship and information on how to protect their safety after leaving.

Programs such as the “Back on Track” Employment Initiative are one important part of supporting victims of  domestic violence.


This shocking statistic shows that they are not alone in their struggle against domestic violence. There is help… Rise Up…like the day!Many people – women and men – suffer domestic violence in silence. It is believed that over 10 million people are abused in the United States by domestic partners, family, or spouses.


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