Falling Short @Work

Sometimes work is thwarted by our weakness. We simply fall short of the mark. If we recognize that our work is hobbled by disobedience, resentment, laxity, fear, selfishness, and other ailments, we can find comfort in knowing that the mission will ultimately be accomplished and that you are not alone! We may have spoken harshly
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Adjust Your Expectation

Some of you have allowed people to “adjust your expectations” in life, and you have adapted to, and settled for….absolutely nothing; having nothing, being nothing, doing nothing, expecting nothing! Adjust your own Expectation! Dream again! Put some effort into designing the life you want! It is never too late, but “you” have to do it
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Your Domain Name Matters!

Startup Professionals-Your Domain Name for your business matters! A domain name for your business’s website can serve as sort of a first impression for customers. A memorable domain name can also make it easy for customers to do business with you again and again.   92 % of first-time website visitors aren’t going to a company’s
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2018  A new Capacity for fulfillment

“Psalm 51:5 “Behold I was brought forth in sin and shaped in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me. The expression, “born in sin and shaped in iniquity,” means that we all had a sinful nature from conception! Certainly, we could not have committed any sins while we were in the womb, but that,
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Two things God choose to bless

There are certain things God chooses to bless. Obedience, for example; and there are things he refuses to bless.  Disobedience, for one. As a visionary, it is imperative that you adhere to, and lead your team to adhere to, a set of beliefs and behaviors that reflect the tenets of Scripture.  Your business or ministry may
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In pursuit of an "effective vision" for your life

Let’s use the biblical figure of Nehemiah to illustrate the effective pursuit of a vision for one’s life.  Nehemiah got the war-damaged city of Jerusalem back together and functioning as it was supposed to. He organized the people to rebuild the city’s wall. He instituted social and spiritual reform. He got the temple operating again,
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Are you engaged and living in your purpose?

“In all things God works all together for your good, for those who are “called” according to ‘His’ purpose!” It doesnt matter what comes…just know God has your back!!  You must Love others “on point” (accurate and appropriate), with the purposes of God. Because it rains on the “just” as well as the “unjust,” there will
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Your life-direction model

The bible gives us a clear choice between two life directions: because life often forks off in two directions! You must take the higher road, even though it looks more difficult, treacherous and gets very steep in places! The climb takes its toll on your energy, and it gets very lonely, slippery and your enemy will
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"what's your reality?!

Many believers have a reality that is not rooted in God. They are fearful of moving out of where they are in life because of so many anxieties, perceptions and appetites, and thus…their own perceptions have created their own realities! Real as well as false!! In over 35 years as an ordained counselor; as well
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Infusion of Healing Rain

  “Infusion of Healing Rain“- (Event) APRIL 1-5 2015 Laying before the Lord, infused in His presence, seeking to know His heart! It is, an intimate time where we place ourselves in a posture of rest in the Lord’s presence while listening to anointed music created to impart to our spirit, and bypass our mind.
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A value add, can increase the knowledge you need to succeed, give meaning to your life, which gives you a sense of significance; and will refine your preferences concerning appropriate courses of action and outcomes.

Back up plan

Sometimes because of wrong choices, disobedience or sin, we miss out on God’s “Plan A”. The good news is, God always has a “Plan B”, a “Plan C” and whatever it takes to get us to His final destination for our lives. Worse yet, maybe you weren’t the person who made the bad choices, but
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STOP DESIRING LEFTOVERS & CRUMBS! Desire God’s Best! Desire the best fruit, best schools, best jobs, best homes, best everything, best whatever! The earth is the Lord’s, the fulness in it, the world and they that resides in it! What God desires to do in this world, through you……leftovers and crumbs will not do it!

Your 'alignments must match your 'assignments'

All of us must have the right relationships in place to guarantee our success in any dream or vision: any undertaking, ministry, business, and relationships! Your alignments must match your assignments! The people who you connect to, or are connected with now, have or will have a profound effect on what you achieve in your life!
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