Entrepreneur-Make the Shift to Abundance!

Abundance is created by believing that you live in a world of more than enough. Your ‘perception becomes your reality’, which is why a belief in abundance (there’s plenty for everyone!) over scarcity (there’s only so much and I’m afraid I won’t get my share!) makes such a big difference in our ability to execute
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Retiree Entrepreneurs

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you want to abandon work completely. Your reasons for wanting to work may be to supplement your retirement income or because working enhances your life socially or emotionally. On the employer side, seniors can offer a deep reserve of perspective, emotional intelligence, skills and contacts — all things that
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Those who travel, move or face new challenges, know what it is to be uprooted! Life is full of changes, however, there will be a few things that remain stable. In the scriptures, the Israelites were constantly moving through the wilderness. They were able to handle change only because God’s “presence” was always with them.
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