Spiritual Coaching

2016-Relevant word to the Remnant

God is illuminating and making you attractive and distinguishable with the weight of His presence, His honor, His power and His greatness…upon you. Let your light so shine before men that they may  see His greatness that is upon you, and reveal His greatness! So arise, shine for your light has come! The presence of
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No Sloppy Life!

Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all…in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, non-religious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I don’t take on their way of life, however, I will keep my bearings in
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Essential ingredient for success in life: Water

Water is an essential ingredient for life…of any kind! It is absolutely vital, so vital that without it, we die. Life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional reality from a dead one! The word of God tells us that Jesus is the ‘fountain of life’ and referred to as ‘living water.’ Without
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Power Under Authority

“Some people desire power without being under authority.” Pastor Bill Winston To those naming the name of Christ…”there will be “no”power, no authority…to those who refuse to submit to God’s infallible (never fails) and immutable (never changes) Word!   IT  IS  WHAT  IT  IS !! It is His Truth, His Word…and not your thoughts, nor the thoughts
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Infusion of Healing Rain

  “Infusion of Healing Rain“- (Event) APRIL 1-5 2015 Laying before the Lord, infused in His presence, seeking to know His heart! It is, an intimate time where we place ourselves in a posture of rest in the Lord’s presence while listening to anointed music created to impart to our spirit, and bypass our mind.
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Baby Huey

Stop acting like a baby… tossed about with every wind that blows through and every new doctrine that someone says is the ‘truth of the word of God!’ “His” word is truth! He does not stutter or back-pedal or change it to accommodate any one person! Neither is He confused about what He requires!  
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Mature, perfected love will cast out all fear of getting close to people again! So cast down that fear and allow yourself to love… and be loved…again! Bitterness is outdated! Unforgiveness is just plain childish and deadly! It’s a new day…begin to love again. For, to love is to forgive!

Psalm 91:16 says…”with long life (long-g-g, satisfied life) will I (the Lord) satisfy (fulfill and please) you, and show you my salvation!”  When is there ever a time to not walk the love walk, and to not receive this promise?

God and Pac-Man?!

We have moved into situations in these last days that no ‘natural‘ counseling will get you out of! You will need some ‘spiritual‘ (God-inspired) counseling…in order to get a miracle from God! If you have “faith in God”, He can turn any situation that is hopeless…around! My analogy here is from the old Pac-Man video game.
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Be Still!

What did God mean “Be Still and Know That I Am God?” Be Still! A spiritual temperament that ought to characterize those to whom God’s unfailing promises have been given; to leave it to Him to maintain His own honor; to fulfill His own counsels, and support His own interest in this world! To “Be
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God Will Bring Healing Rain...

When you live every day in worship and praise, God will bring healing rain into your life. The valleys of your life should not belong to fear, intimidation or worry, they should belong to God. In the scriptures, the real battle wasn’t between David and Goliath. The real battle was about which “God” David was
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