STOP DESIRING LEFTOVERS & CRUMBS! Desire God’s Best! Desire the best fruit, best schools, best jobs, best homes, best everything, best whatever! The earth is the Lord’s, the fulness in it, the world and they that resides in it! What God desires to do in this world, through you……leftovers and crumbs will not do it!

Your 'alignments must match your 'assignments'

All of us must have the right relationships in place to guarantee our success in any dream or vision: any undertaking, ministry, business, and relationships! Your alignments must match your assignments! The people who you connect to, or are connected with now, have or will have a profound effect on what you achieve in your life!
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Praise will always bring success! Praising God that is

“whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him who orders his conversation right, will I show My salvation.” Psalms 50:23 In any endeavor, any undertaking, we must go to God (Jesus) and do what He directs and how He says to do it! We, meaning those that are calling ourselves…believers, saints, Kingdom people, born-again believers!
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There is power in agreement but there is also “power” (though negatively) in disagreement! If two or three are “in agreement,” with the will of God…God will show up …(not in your own personal negative agreement, but in agreement with His purposes…. For we are workers together “with” Him, not against Him!