Mature, perfected love will cast out all fear of getting close to people again! So cast down that fear and allow yourself to love… and be loved…again! Bitterness is outdated! Unforgiveness is just plain childish and deadly! It’s a new day…begin to love again. For, to love is to forgive!

Psalm 91:16 says…”with long life (long-g-g, satisfied life) will I (the Lord) satisfy (fulfill and please) you, and show you my salvation!”  When is there ever a time to not walk the love walk, and to not receive this promise?

Praise will always bring success! Praising God that is

“whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him who orders his conversation right, will I show My salvation.” Psalms 50:23 In any endeavor, any undertaking, we must go to God (Jesus) and do what He directs and how He says to do it! We, meaning those that are calling ourselves…believers, saints, Kingdom people, born-again believers!
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aha...I like it!

I had this thought the other day while working on finalizing my daughter’s paperwork for college. Colleges and Universities have entrance requirements and methods by which they accept individuals who meet those conditions. They also have stipulations for involvement into their campus clubs, sororities and fraternities, and numerous other clubs. I thought of how they
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Pay the Price

Whatever your choices are in life…you will pay a price for it!   If you choose the Kingdom (Kingdom life)…, you will lose the Worldly Life.   The Kingdom Life is the rule, the realm, the dominion, authority and sovereignty of the Almighty God. As a Kingdom Believer, you choose to walk a life that honors
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Words are tools to influence people’s lives. Don’t be a “talking head” but one that speaks as they are inspired! Not leaning to our own understanding…but understand what the will of the Lord is, in every situation…especially if you speak into others lives, and as you live your own! The world is under the sway
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You are approved!

Ever heard the expression God helps those who help themselves? Well God didn’t say that…Benjamin Franklin said that! Relying on your own self effort will not get the job done. Trusting God will! He has already qualified you and given you the blessing. He has already done it! God, though the manifestation of Jesus Christ
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Ride or Die!

Your confession of “faith towards God,” is your “shield of confidence!” It is your protection from the rain, your defense! It comes with great reward! Hold fast to it; it is the terms to which you have surrendered your life, to the life of faith, by endeavoring to see life through the lens of the Word of God!
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